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Welcome to WCLS Holistic Nutrition Therapy

If you are on this page I am assuming you have been experiencing challenges over the years with your nutrition and lifestyle choices when it comes to food and your relationship with it. You have come to the realization that what we feed daily our bodies will and has played an enormous role in how we feel, and look, and how it is impacting our future as human beings. Holistic Nutrition therapy will teach you the intricate relationship you have established with food, what it means for you to eat healthy, if your goal is to lose weight why haven't you been able to lose or keep it off in the past, and what changes do you need to make mentally and in your daily approach to food to sustain your NEW You! 

My services are simple yet adapted and targeted to each individual right where they are at. The concierge service I offer will keep you accountable and on track, learning throughout this process how to manage yourself long-term, your weight, and stay as healthy as you can through nutrition.

Please be advised that we recommend that you always check with your current physician (s) especially if you have any chronic conditions before entering any of our programs. We are not doctors and will not prescribe any medications or change any prescription dosage

Book your 30min complementary consultation

Complementary preliminary online consultation. 30 min

This online meeting will help me understand how I can better help you in your nutrition journey, taking into consideration all of you, what makes you who you are today, and what contributed to your physical and emotional relationship with food. 

Our nutrition programs, lifestyle philosophy, and approach will be explained at this time. This is an opportunity to reflect on whether or not we are a good fit as my services are extremely concierge oriented. 

After this consultation, you will be able to sign up for one of the Holistic Nutrition programs. Forms will be emailed or handed out to you to return before your 1st Initial Consultation with me which will be scheduled that day and no later than 2 weeks after. This will give me the opportunity to review your case and have a more comprehensive analysis to establish patient therapy.


Initial set up consultation 1hr

This time is reserved for establishing goals and expectations. Digging deeper into each individual needs and personal history will help establish a baseline for treatment. During the meeting (in person or online) we will go over your previously filled out forms and personal challenges. During this process, we will discuss food and lifestyle options according to your specific needs and set obtainable and sustainable goals. 


Follow up appointmentd

This portion of the therapy is to be able to access, correct, and manage your program efficiently. You will be committing to come in and weigh every 2 weeks during the time of your program with me. We will look at your progress and action plans. This is the perfect time to reflect on yourself and the program, what is working or not, why, modify behaviors if necessary, and keep pushing forward. 

This is an essential part of the therapy I realize it is a commitment and ask that you truly dedicate time in your busy schedule to come in.


Whats Next? 30 min appointment (in person or online)

After completing your program we take this last opportunity to reflect on all the different aspects of your journey. This is a wonderful time to explore new goals and new challenges, or simply enjoy who you  have blossomed to be. 

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